Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Do I Homeschool ?

I have been asked often " why homeschool?"

I love the idea of teaching my children at home, I love watching them get excited about something they just learned or figured out a problem they have struggled with. I love to see their eyes light up when they read about something that interests them. I love the time we get to spend together, and the close bond that continues to grow year after year.
These are not my only reasons, but they are my top reasons. Some other reasons I choose to homeschool is they get to learn more than just math, reading , spelling and english. We are able to explore topics that they want to learn. While my children were in public school, homework time was horrible, it was a chore to get them to do it. There was no excitement, they didn't want to do the work and there was no drive to learn the material. Learning should be fun, and they should be excited about it, and now with homeschooling, learning and school has become fun to them.  We use curriculum, but we also take topics in their lessons and do unit studies on them, they are free to dig as deep as they want into subjects they want to learn about.  Through homeschooling I am learning with them, and that is something I enjoy as well. The most important reason I homeschool is because I want my children to learn the Word of God, Bible Study is a major part of our lessons.  Through Bible Studies we also get many of our history and science lessons. In my family, I have come to find that homeschooling is more than just school, it has brought my family closer, not only to each other but to other homeschooling families, and within those families we have made life long friends.  Through homeschooling I am able to watch my children learn and grow, I am able to be active in every part of their education and learn a few things along the way. My family's bond has grown stronger and we grow closer everyday, also I have watched my children grow spiritually, and that in it's self is reason to continue homeschooling. I am grateful to the people who encouraged me to homeschool my children and I hope to encourage families to homeschool as well. 

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