Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Your 100 Day Prayer ~ A Book Review

About the Author:
John I Snyder is a pastor, author and conference speaker. He is the founder of Community321.com, an online faith community.

About the Book:
This wonderful book is about taking your specific needs to God in prayer. This devotional type book has everything you need to have deep, focused prayer for your need. Everyday begins with a scripture, a short, easy to read devotion, and a prayer. There is even a place to record your progress and answers to your prayers.

My Thoughts:
I found this book very helpful, it helped to keep my prayer focused on my need at hand, as well as encouraged me through the devotionals. Using this book made my prayer time more meaningful, I was able to keep on track, record my progress and reflect on my prayer from beginning to pray until the answers came.

Favorite Quote:
When we wake up every morning and say, " Today, Lord, with your help, I'm going to put you first and seek your perfect will in everything I do," We'll find worry slowly beginning to fade as we stare down every situation,with trust in God's providence and goodwill.

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